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Vintage items were originally weapons that were received or crafted before the The MANN-conomy Update update. They have blue letters, and are somewhat rare. Since then, on March 15th, 2011 the cost to craft some items was reduced and items previously crafted using recipes that were reduced in that update were upgraded to Vintage quality. Such items are commonly referred to as 'New Vintage' items.

There are 46 possible vintage weapons and 50 possible vintage hats.

List of possible vintage weapons

Vintage Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Vintage Sun-on-a-Stick

Vintage Force-A-Nature

Vintage Bonk! Atomic Punch

Vintage Crit-a-Cola

Vintage Sandman

Vintage Direct hit

Vintage Buff banner

Vintage Gunboats

Vintage Concheror

Vintage Half-Zatoichi

Vintage Equalizer

Vintage Pain train

Vintage Backburner

Vintage Flare gun

Vintage Axtinguisher

Vintage Homewrecker

Vintage Ullapool Caber

Vintage Loch-n-Load

Vintage Scottish Resistance

Vintage Chargin' Targe

Vintage Eyelander

Vintage Scotsman's skullcutter

Vintage Brass Beast

Vintage Natascha

Vintage Sandvich

Vintage Dalokohs bar

Vintage Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Vintage Warrior's Spirit

Vintage K.G.B.

Vintage The Crusader's Crossbow

Vintage Blutsauger

Vintage Kritzkrieg

Vintage Amputator

Vintage Übersaw

Vintage Frontier Justice

Vintage Wrangler

Vintage Gunslinger

Vintage Southern Hospitality

Vintage Huntsman

Vintage Razorback

Vintage Jarate

Vintage Tribalman's shiv

Vintage Ambassador

Vintage Conniver's Kunai

Vintage Dead Ringer

Vintage Cloak and Dagger

Vintage Lugermorph

List of possible vintage hats

Vintage Batter's helmet

Vintage Bonk helm

Vintage Ye Olde Baker Boy

Vintage Troublemaker's Tossle Cap

Vintage Whoopee cap

Vintage Baseball Bill's Sports Shine

Vintage Soldier's stash

Vintage Tyrant's helm

Vintage Stainless pot

Vintage Killer's Kabuto

Vintage Sergeant's Drill Hat

Vintage Pyro's beanie

Vintage Brigade helm

Vintage Respectless rubber glove

Vintage Triboniophorus Tyrannus

Vintage Vintage merryweather

Vintage Whiskered gentleman

Vintage Demoman's Fro

Vintage Glengarry Bonnet

Vintage Scotsman's Stove Pipe

Vintage Hustler's Hallmark

Vintage Tippler's Tricorne

Vintage Football Helmet

Vintage Officer's Ushanka

Vintage Tough Guy's Toque

Vintage Hound Dog

Vintage Heavy duty rag

Vintage Mining light

Vintage Texas ten gallon

Vintage Engineer's cap

Vintage Hotrod

Vintage Safe'n'Sound

Vintage Texas Slim's Dome Shine

Vintage Prussian Pickelhaube

Vintage Vintage Tyrolean

Vintage Otolaryngologist's mirror

Vintage Ze Goggles

Vintage Gentleman's Gatsby

Vintage Trophy belt

Vintage Professional's panama

Vintage Master's yellow belt

Vintage Shooter's Sola Topi

Vintage Bloke's bucket hat

Vintage Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative

Vintage Fancy fedora

Vintage Backbiter's billycock

Vintage Magistrate's Mullet

Vintage Frenchman's beret

Vintage Modest Pile of Hat

Vintage Noble amassment of hats

Vintage Towering Pillar of Hats

Vintage Bill's Hat


The Vintage tyrolean and the Vintage merryweather both have the same adjective and result in a "double-vintage" tag, i.e. "Vintage Vintage Tyrolean".

Until the March 15th, 2011 update the Lugermorph was the only item to have been made vintage after the Polycount update. However only Lugermorph's that were received from early purchase of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playground were made vintage.

As of December 14th 2010, the Foster's Facade and Stockbroker's Scarf have vintage versions for those who owned Killing Floor before December 14th.

Although not listed above, there is a technical 47th Vintage weapon, the Vintage Big Kill, although only 3 or less are estimated to be in existence [1]. Viewing the Big Kill's statistics on's Big Kill statics page reveals that less than a tenth of a percent (0.1%) of all Big Kill's are Vintage, proving that a couple do exist.

Vintage items will never be added again (said in the update), so people will pay a bundle to get their hands on one (in trading).

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