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The Tranquilizer or Tranq was to be the primary weapon for the Spy. The Spy can be seen wielding it in Trailer 1. However, it was scrapped before the final release and the Spy was equipped with the Revolver as a replacement. Based on its Team Fortress Classic incarnation, it would not have dealt much damage, but would have slowed down the target's movement and turn speeds, making them easier to fight. Useful applications would have included slowing down attackers, enemy Medics and pursuing foes.


  • Would have dealt half the normal damage the Revolver deals now. In return, would have slowed target's movements.

Function times

  • Firing Time: Unknown. (TFC incarnation: 3 seconds)


  • A community-made skin that gives the revolver the appearance of the tranquilizer exists.[1].
  • A bucket icon for the Tranquilizer can be found in the game's files.


A spy with the Tranquilizer

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