Sniper responses

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General Responses

After Killing More than 2 Enemies in 20 Seconds

After Killing More than 5 Enemies in 20 Seconds

Kill Assist


Domination of a Single Opponent

Domination of Two Opponents

Domination of Three or More Opponents

Revenge Kill


Healed by Medic

After Capturing Intelligence/Control point

Attacking, Control Point Unoccupied

Fighting on Cap

Attacking: Cart Goes Forward

Attacking: Cart Goes Back

Defending: Cart Goes Forward

Defending: Cart Goes Back

Attacking: Stay Close to Cart

Attacking: Cart Has Stopped

Defending: Stop The Bomb


Round Start/Battle Cry

Round Win/Cheers

Round Loss/Sudden Death/Jeers

Round Draw

Set on Fire

Achievement Unlocked

Dominating a Scout

Dominating a Soldier

Dominating a Pyro

Dominating a Demoman

Dominating a Heavy

Dominating an Engineer

Dominating a Medic

Dominating a Sniper

Dominating a Spy

Spy Kill

Class-Specific Reponses

Jarate Toss


Headshot on an Enemy Soldier, Engineer or Pyro

Kukri Kill

Unused Responses

Medic Follow

Melee Dare

New Weapon Unlocked

Unknown Condition/Alternate Delivery

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