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Scrap Metal
Level 1 Crafting Item

Scrap Metal is a Level 1 Crafting Item that is used to craft various items. The use for Scrap Metal is very limited, but essential to crafting better items.



Producing Scrap Metal


Blueprint Requires Produces
Smelt Primary Weapons 2 Identical primary weapons
Eg. Force-A-Nature + Force-A-Nature
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Secondary Weapons 2 Identical secondary weapons
Eg. Flare gun + Flare gun
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Melee Weapons 2 Identical melee weapons
Eg. Übersaw + Übersaw
1 Scrap Metal
Smelt Class Weapons Any 2 weapons wielded by the same class
Eg. Ambassador + Dead Ringer (Spy Weapons)
1 Scrap Metal

Uses for Scrap Metal


Blueprint Requires Produces
Combine Scrap Metal 3 Scrap Metal 1 Reclaimed Metal


Class Blueprint Requires Produces
Fabricate Class Weapons 1 Class Token + 1 Slot Token + 1 Scrap Metal
Eg. Medic Token + Secondary Token + Scrap Metal
1 Class Specific Weapon
Eg. Kritzkrieg
Soldier Fabricate Pain train 1 Sandman + 1 Scrap Metal 1 Pain train
Engineer Fabricate Southern Hospitality 1 Ambassador + 1 Scrap Metal 1 Southern Hospitality


There is such thing as a 'vintage' scrap metal as seen in this backpack: this was obtained by deleting the scrap metal and then requesting support to have it returned to your backpack before the mannconomy update, this was exploited too many times which resulted in the removal of this feature.

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