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Saw blades are an environmental hazard unique to the map Sawmill, though they also appear in some custom maps. They run in set grooves along either side of the capture point in the center of the map. They move slowly enough that players can move out of the way, but fast enough to catch sluggish or distracted players unaware, especially when they battle around the central control point.

If a player is hit by a saw blade, they will automatically be killed, regardless of other effects including being ÜberCharged or using the Dead Ringer. If a player is near death and subsequently hit by a saw blade, they will receive one death point and the player/s who damaged him will receive a "finished off" kill.

Saw Blade Kill Icon


  • There are basketball hoops on the wall to either side of each saw blade in order to catch launched ragdolls.
  • There is a glitch where the saw blades may become invisible until they hit a player.
  • After a player dies on a saw blade, the player's blood will stain the blade until the next round.

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