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In Team Fortress 2, certain weapons fire projectiles. Projectiles, unlike hitscan bullets, do not travel instantaneously across the map but rather at a preset speed and often subject to engine physics. This speed also differs depending on the weapon used to launch the projectile. Because of this, however, the projectiles are not effected by Lag compensation.

The Compression Blast ability of the Pyro's primary weapons can reflect projectiles. Once reflected they will inflict Mini crit damage (A sentry gun's rockets will inflict crit damage) and assume the Pyro's team color if applicable (Stickybombs excluded). The only projectile that cannot be reflected is a medic's syringe, shot from the syringe gun. Crusader's Crossbow arrows can still be reflected. In addition, when colliding midair, some projectiles may deflect opposing ones, or destroy them completely. It is unlikely you knew that rockets can be destroyed with arrows! There's currently a rumor that Demoman's Grenades can be destroyed by K.G.B


Projectile Rocket.png
Grenade proj red.png
Sticky proj red.pngScores proj red.png
Arrow proj.png
Backpack Jarate.png
Sandman Baseball.png
Flare proj red.png
RED Syringe Gun Ammo.png
Backpack Mad Milk.png
Mad Milk
Speed (Approximate)
  • RL: 1100 U/s
  • DH: 1980 U/s
  • LL: 1540 U/s
  • SG: Unknown
  • GL: 1065 U/s
  • LnL: 1331 U/s
805 U/s 1875 U/s Unknown 1940 U/s 1450 U/s 990 U/s Unknown
Arcs No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reflected by Nothing
Destroyed by Arrows*
  • LnL: Contact with any non-player surface
  • GL: Only Destroyed 2.3 seconds after launched.
Arrows Contact with any player and non-player surface Cannot be destroyed Flare Nothing Contact with player and non-player surface
*Destruction of Sentry Rockets is unknown
**Only after attaching to a surface

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