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The Polycount Pack was a contest by Valve and the modeling community, Polycount, to develop new community item packs to be introduced into Team Fortress 2. These items would be brand-new models with unique stats once added to the game, but had to be designed to replace items that already existed. The contest winners were announced on July 15, 2010, and the items were added in the Mann-Conomy Update.

In addition to the five winning packs, Valve confirmed that several other packs[1] were of high enough quality to be in-game, and may be added in later updates. According to PC gamer, a 6th pack was supposed to be included, along with a new gamemode as a bonus. They were cut from the update due to time constraints. It was also hinted in a recent blog post that Valve are working on a new training map for a class, similar to the Soldier's training map released with the Mac update, but this did not happen.

Everyone who entered the contest received a Polycount Pin, as well as a few select people who did not enter but helped the contest out in some way. A list of Polycount Pin owners can be found here.

The five Polycount sets make up the first five Item Sets. Wearing all items of a given set (including the hat) will confer a bonus.



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The Special Delivery

The Tank Buster

The Gas Jockey's Gear

The Croc-O-Style Kit

The Saharan Spy


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