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Well, I'll be stuffed!
The Sniper on recolored items

Paint Cans are tool items that allow you to change the color scheme of hats. Paint cans were implemented in the Mann-Conomy Update on September 30, 2010. Paint is available in 15 different colors, and all but two of these colors can be obtained in the Mann Co. Store. The other two colors, 'An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge' and 'A Distinctive Lack of Hue' may only be found via the Item Drop System or through chance from an opened Series #1, Series #3 or Series #4 Mann Co. Supply Crate.

Since the October 6, 2010 Patch, hats can have their paint removed, restoring them to their original color. In doing so, however, the Paint Can will not be returned to the player.

Valve has stated via the Steam forums that there are plans to implement painting with weapons, but current development priority rests on increased player interest. [1]

The "Team Spirit" paint can, added in the November 19, 2010 Patch, changes the painted item's color depending on the player's team. The listed price for "Team Spirit" is currently

  1. switch:ALL

| USD = $4.99 | GBP = £3.49 | EUR = 4.99

| ALL | #default = $4.99 / £3.49 / 4.99 }} as opposed to the regular

  1. switch:ALL

| USD = $2.49 | GBP = £1.99 | EUR = 2.49

| ALL | #default = $2.49 / £1.99 / 2.49 }}. They cannot be obtained via random drops.


Image Name Color Image Name Color
Paint Can 7D4071.png A Deep Commitment to Purple #7D4071 Paint Can A57545.png Muskelmannbraun #A57545
Paint Can 7E7E7E.png Aged Moustache Grey #7E7E7E Paint Can 51384A.png Noble Hatter's Violet #51384A
Paint Can E7B53B.png Australium Gold #E7B53B Paint Can C5AF91.png Peculiarly Drab Tincture #C5AF91
Paint Can D8BED8.png Color No. 216-190-216 #D8BED8 Paint Can 694D3A.png Radigan Conagher Brown #694D3A
Paint Can 729E42.png Indubitably Green #729E42 Paint Can 7C6C57.png Ye Olde Rustic Colour #7C6C57
Paint Can CF7336.png Mann Co. Orange #CF7336 Paint Can 424F3B.png Zephaniah's Greed #424F3B
Paint Can E6E6E6.png An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge #E6E6E6 Paint Can 141414.png A Distinctive Lack of Hue #141414
Paint Can 32CD32.png The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime #32CD32 Paint Can 32CD32.png Green Lime #32CD32
Paint Can TeamSpirit.png Team Spirit RED #B8383B Paint Can TeamSpirit.png Team Spirit BLU #5885A2


  • The "216-190-216" in the name of Color No. 216-190-216 is the RGB representation of the color that items are painted with.
  • Zephaniah's Greed is misspelled; it should instead say "Zepheniah's Greed".
  • Muskelmannbraun is German for "Muscleman brown".
  • Painted items do not work under DirectX 8; they will be the ordinary colored item instead. When running the game under DirectX 8, the item descriptions for the Paint Cans as well as the "carrying" descriptions for other players' painted items will warn you of this fact. Painted items also had red text beneath the item's description stating, "Paint will not be visible on your computer (DX9+ required)".


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