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Borscht Belt.png Borscht Belt

Kill 10 Heavies with The K.G.B.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: Unless another Heavy is attempting to get this achievement as well, it is uncommon that two Heavies would be "boxing" each other. It is most likely that an enemy Heavy would have his minigun out and have a Medic supporting him. The easiest way to get this achievement would be to get an ÜberCharge and punch the Heavy to death. The Kritzkrieg would be less useful in this situation, because the Heavy's slow movement speed is not enough to use the advantage on the other Heavy before being cut to ribbons by his minigun. The slower attack speed of K.G.B. makes this harder, but if you can get the Crit-boost from killing another player then the Heavy should go down with no problem. Kills during Sudden Death also count towards this achievement, so in the event of a melee Sudden Death try to target enemies that do not normally play as Heavy.

Class Struggle.png Class Struggle

Work with a friendly Medic to kill an enemy Heavy Medic pair.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Since most Heavy vs. Heavy fights come down to who has fired or Crits first, it is recommended that you have an ÜberCharge or Kritzkrieg to give you a large advantage. Upon death of their buddy, most Medics will turn tail and run so try to damage the Medic during the fight as well, and if you are ÜberCharged go for the Medic first so that you can pick off the much slower Heavy afterwards. If the opposing pair has an ÜberCharge ready for deployment, it's best to focus more on the opposing Medic to pressure a premature deployment. (After the opposing team deploys their ÜberCharge, wait three to five seconds and have your Medic deploy his as well. When theirs is over, resume fire to take a small advantage.) If no ÜberCharge or Kritzkrieg is available, try to have the element of surprise and attack the pair when they aren't expecting it, especially when the Heavy is un-revved.

Communist Mani-Fisto.png Communist Mani-Fisto

Kill an enemy with a Critical punch.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: While the Heavy can survive a single melee Critical hit strike, all other classes (which have not been overhealed) besides the Soldier will die in a single hit. The easiest enemy to kill would be the Scout, but since Scouts would rarely use their bat on a Heavy, chances are he will attempt to use his Scattergun. Try to lure the enemy behind a corner, pretend that you are hurt or out of ammo (yell for a Medic for good measure), should he follow you around the corner, meet him halfway with your fists, and hope for one to be a Critical hit. If you have high health, then Pyros would be another good way to to earn this achievement, as they are so eager to fight close-range. Spies are also fairly easy to deal with, granted you can keep them in front of you, but watch out for facestabs. If unlocked by this point, the K.G.B. would be very useful in this situation. Engineers and Snipers are also fair game for getting this achievement, so long as they aren't near their Sentry or far enough to shoot you in the head (respectively). Going into all Melee matches (or Sudden Death) also increase your chances of getting this.

Crime and Punishment.png Crime and Punishment

Kill 10 enemies carrying your intelligence.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Since the Heavy is a rather slow fellow, quick action is required since Scouts are normally the intel runners. When you hear the alert, watch the intel radar at the bottom or your screen to determine his escape route and move to intercept. This is easiest on 2Fort since there are only 2 ways to get to the intel room. Using Natascha to slow the runner down can make this Achievement a whole lot easier.

Crock Block.png Crock Block

Survive a direct hit from a Critical rocket.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Luckily, the Heavy has enough health to survive a Critical rocket, but is rarely in a position where he has full health in such an occasion without a Medic. It's highly recommended that you keep a Medic with you when fighting Soldiers, if you see a Critical rocket and you have enough health to survive it, jump in front, although this is also largely unnecessary as any rockets that are fired close enough for you to intercept are probably aimed at you anyways. Note that surviving afterwards is optional (though preferable), you only need to be hit by a single crit rocket and not die from it.

Division of Labor.png Division of Labor

Kill 10 enemies with a Medic assisting you, where neither of you die.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: For this achievement, stay near a Health source for your Medic, and an ammo source for continued firing. It's recommended that you stay in friendly territory and let the enemy come to you. If you or your Medic are in danger, retreat immediately and remember to keep your guard up for Spies and Snipers. This achievement coincides with the Medic's Big Pharma achievement, so use similar strategy. Having an Uber ready for emergencies will greatly increase your chance of survival. If your Medic has a Kritzkrieg, then ambushing a large group of enemies with it can net you several kills very quickly.

Don't Touch Sandvich.png Don't Touch Sandvich

Kill 50 Scouts using Natascha.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: The fact that Natascha can slow the Scouts gives you more time to deal damage, but the reduced damage will make you kill Scouts slightly slower than normal. Using Natascha, you can easily kill Scouts who attempt to circle strafe you or try to run away. While Scouts will normally try to get within close range in order to maximize the damage from their Scattergun, this also works in your favor due to your weapon's inaccuracy at longer ranges.

Factory Worker.png Factory Worker

Kill 20 enemies while being recharged by a dispenser.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Due to the fact you can stay in one spot, this could be hard to come by. Ask for a dispenser in choke points to make this easier but watch out that the dispenser doesn't get destroyed. Kills while pushing the cart on a payload map also count. This is somewhat easier to accomplish on defense, as the enemy will come to you, but beware of ÜberCharged Demomen who may attempt to destroy the Engineer's nest.

Five Second Plan.png Five Second Plan

Kill an enemy in the first 5 seconds after you exit a teleporter.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Don't think about walking to someone to kill them thanks to the Heavies slow speed. Take a teleporter and hope you end up in the midst of the action. This should be common on most maps. If you somehow manage to telefrag someone, you will earn the achievement.

Gorky Parked.png Gorky Parked

Kill 25 enemies while you're standing on a control point you own.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Hang around on defense on a control point of your own and kill them there. Gravel Pit is an easy area to do this. Sitting next to dispenser can make this easier since you don't need to move around for health and ammo, and kills would also go for the "Factory Worker".

Heavy Industry.png Heavy Industry

Fire $200,000 worth of minigun rounds in a single life.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Be a Heavy, hold left click and stay near a Dispenser. At $200 a cartridge, $200,000 would be 1000 rounds. Approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds of continuous minigun fire is required to obtain this achievement. It can be done, without the risk of being killed, inside your own base next to the medicine/ammo locker. If you want to do it within actual combat, sitting next to a dispenser or on the Payload cart can give you the achievement.

Icing on the Cake.png Icing on the Cake

Get 20 kills on players that you're dominating.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This should come after a reasonable time playing as the Heavy. Since you're already dominating them, you probably are killing them repeatedly anyway. The only thing to watch out for is the fact that they will go for you over nearby teammates. Be wary, since some people change to a Spy solely for the purpose of revenge.

Iron Curtain.png Iron Kurtain

Take 1000 points of damage in a single life.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This should come after a reasonable amount of time as Heavy, simply keep a Medic with you and go about your business. A backstab or headshot may trigger this achievement; 'overkill' damage counts towards the total.

Kollectivization.png Kollectivization

Get 1000 assists.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: You should get this after a while playing Heavy. Just spread a wide spray of bullets in open areas with lots of enemies, mainly at the beginning of the round, and hope someone else takes them out. Natascha is a good choice of weapon when going for this achievement as you are more likely to get assists, rather than kills. This works best if you team up with another player, such as a Sasha-wielding Heavy (which will also quickly net you the Soviet Union achievement).

Konspicuous Konsumption.png Konspicuous Konsumption

Eat 100 sandviches.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Simply keep eating Sandviches and it should come naturally. This is made much easier by the Sandvich's unlimited supply. Sandviches eaten during the setup phase count towards this achievement so if you are ready and there is still time to Setup, eat some Sandviches to raise your count, just don't get caught off guard when the round starts! However, it is unnecessary to "grind" for this achievement since you will eventually eat far more than 100 Sanviches anyways.

Krazy Ivan.png Krazy Ivan

Kill 100 enemies while both you and your victim are underwater.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: Water is hard to come by, and if you do hanging around it can be a pain. Try under the bridge of 2Fort and wait for enemies to come by and kill them in the water. Be sure not to drown though, and equip your Sandvich to keep you healthy. If you have a friendly Engineer on your team, you can ask them to erect a dispenser near one of your team's corners and keep the minigun revved facing their sewer's exit, if you have a Pyro on your team this will be more effective as you're likely to get people diving in to extinguish themselves. The dispenser will keep you alive while filing your ammo, which will also credit you for the Factory Worker achievement. Remember to keep your back to a corner and fire in a spray left and right to hopefully detect cloaked Spies and protect your dispenser from being sapped. You can probably see a bubble trail if the Spy jumps in while cloaked, so use it to your advantage.

Lenin A Hand.png Lenin A Hand

Help 5 team-mates get revenge on their nemeses.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: If a Medic has people dominating him, ask him to heal you so you can take out his nemeses for him. Make them primary target for the time being. This may also happen incidentally while firing at the nemeses of other teammates.

Marxman.png Marxman

Kill 10 enemies in mid-air with the minigun.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This is quite easy to obtain, as a common strategy is for people to try to jump out of your cone of fire whilst you are spun up, especially Scouts, or try to jump off of ledges to get away from you. Killing them in either of the situations counts towards the achievements, and you'll typically get this achievement after playing for some time as Heavy.

0wn the Means of Production.png 0wn the Means of Production

Remove 20 stickybombs by killing the Demomen who produced them.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: Try to get behind the Demoman and kill him from there. Don't go directly in front of him, because he'll either see you or blow up the stickies in your face. One simple way to go about this is to simply kill every Demoman you see and hope they had a mine field laid down. If you see a Demoman stay in the same general area or sitting in a corner, kill him, he has at least one mine field somewhere near by. This is easier to accomplish if you ambush Demomen that are using the Scottish Resistance, as bombs laid by the weapon take longer to prime, thus giving you the advantage in a confrontation, and it allows the Demoman to lay up to 14 stickies at once. This may come after a reasonable amount of time as playing as the Heavy if you make it a note to kill all non Targe using Demos. Also, if you are ÜberCharged with the Medigun, try to target any nearby Demomen that are trying to lay stickies at your feet and detonate them once your charge wears off.

Party Loyalty.png Party Loyalty

Kill 50 enemies within 3 seconds of them attacking your Medic.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Since most enemies will attempt to go straight for the Medic, it should not be too hard to kill the enemy before they kill him. It is not recommended to allow an enemy to injure your Medic before killing them, since they could possibly kill him. Simply keep a close eye on your Medic and kill anyone who comes near.

Permanent Revolution.png Permanent Revolution

Kill 5 enemies without spinning down your gun.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: For this achievement, a Medic and nearby ammo source are essential. Dispensers gives you health and ammo, and the Medic can overheal you and use ÜberCharges on you. Stay out of open areas for you are an easy target for Snipers and Spies. Stay near a corner so that you can retreat without having to un-rev your minigun. Pick up dropped weapons that are close to you to refill your ammo. Under certain situations, you may be able to accomplish this with a single Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge, as it will allow you to quickly kill everyone in the immediate area, without having to deal with fall-off damage. This achievement may be easier to accomplish when defending on an attack/defend map like Dustbowl, as enemies will come to you, eliminating the need to move around much.

Photostroika.png Photostroika

Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting while invulnerable.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: You wouldn't want to waste time taunting while Übered. If you get Übered, kill every enemy you see and if no one else is around, go ahead and taunt. Failing that, win a round with a Medic who has an undeployed ÜberCharge as they will often deploy it in celebration, simply kill an enemy then and taunt him.

Purge.png Purge

Kill 15 enemies capturing a control point you own.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: See Gorky Parked.

Pushkin the Kart.png Pushkin the Kart

Get 50 caps on payload maps.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This should come after a reasonable amount of time playing in Payload maps. Simply stay near the cart at all times while attacking and it should come easily. Standing on the Payload makes this a lot easier. You will get one capture every several seconds or so, so constantly staying near the cart will quickly rack up points for this achievement.

Rasputin.png Rasputin

In a single life, get shot, burned, bludgeoned, and receive explosive damage.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Being shot, burned and hit with explosives comes naturally to the Heavy, being bludgeoned by a melee weapon, however, does not. If you've already taken explosive and bullet damage, there is one main occurrence where fire and melee damage come commonly. A Pyro who has unlocked the Axtingisher will burn you, then attempt you melee you to death with the Axtingiusher. This should give you the achievement, but if you wish to survive, kill the Pyro after the first swing. Note: the Scout's Sandman baseball counts as bludgeoning, so this achievement is easier to obtain with the advent of that weapon.

Rationing.png Rationing

Kill an enemy with your shotgun while you're out of minigun ammo.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: The easiest way to get this achievement would be to intentionally waste all your minigun ammunition, take out your shotgun and hunt down a weak class, such as a Medic or Scout. Avoid fighting strong classes such as the Pyro, Soldier or Demoman.

Redistribution of Health.png Redistribution of Health

Heal 1000 damage with med-kits in a single life.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Being healed by a Medic will not work here, and only health that is healed (not the maximum the kit can heal) will count towards this achievement. Stay near a med-kit area and when you have taken sufficient damage use the med-kit, then rinse and repeat. If there are Medics around while you are trying to earn this, consider telling them so they don't heal you too much while you are attempting this. This also coincides with the Iron Kurtain achievement.

If you want this achievement badly, just go on an empty server (or create one) that has a map with water like 2Fort. Stay in the water until you lose half of your health, then come out and DROP a Sandvich to eat. Do this 7 times and you should get the achievement.

Red Oktoberfest.png Red Oktoberfest

Earn a domination for a Medic who's healing you.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This is pretty straight-forward. Since assists count towards dominations, you should be able to earn the Medic (and yourself) a domination by killing the same enemy 3 times without him at least killing the Medic. However, don't try to dominate Spies or Snipers, try for Pyros.

Show Trial.png Show Trial

Kill an enemy with a taunt.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: To unlock this achievement, a player must use the Heavy's "Showdown" taunt to kill an enemy during normal gameplay. The taunt will kill the other player instantly if done correctly. To use the "Showdown" taunt, simply center the reticule on whatever you wish to hit and taunt with the Heavy's Fists out. The "Showdown" taunt will deal 500 damage to enemies within its range, killing players instantly. Also note that a player can only acquire this achievement during normal gameplay; successfully taunt killing an enemy during Humiliation will not count. Finally, remember that "Showdown" is a ranged line effect that extends approximately the same distance as half the length of the bridge in 2Fort. Use the range and precise aim afforded to get this achievement. Keep in mind that you cannot change the direction in which your taunt fires once the taunt starts, allowing enemies to simply move to the side and avoid death. It may be best to try taunt kill an immobile target, such as a scoped Sniper. A good way to do this is to stand in front of a startup gate (e.g. on Goldrush or Dustbowl) and start the taunt about 2 seconds before the gates actually open. Unaware enemies on the other side will be killed as soon as the round starts.

Soviet Block.png Soviet Block

While invulnerable and on defense, block an invulnerable enemy Heavy's movement.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This is simply being ÜberCharged and running in front of an enemy ÜberCharged Heavy and blocking his progress while on Defense. This works best on maps where there is a small opening for the attacking team to come out, such as Stage 1 of Dustbowl. Ask your Medic to help block as well.

Soviet Union.png Soviet Union

Get 25 enemy kills where you either assist or are assisted by another Heavy.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: This will come in time to any Heavy. This can be achieved by asking a team-mate to stay and defend in a map like 2Fort near the plaza, or naturally by being on the attacking side of a payload/control point maps. You're likely to get it much faster (even if it's unwanted) from the assistance of other Heavies trying to get achievements. It comes around even faster when your team is doing a Heavy rush, and assist kills will be every where. This works significantly better if one Heavy is using Sasha and the other Natascha, as one Heavy can slow the enemy down enough for the other to do maximum damage.

Spyalectical Materialism.png Spyalectical Materialism

Kill or assist in killing 10 cloaked Spies.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Keep a good eye on places that Spies normally come from, such as the sewers from 2Fort. If you see a Spy cloak, get injured or bump into some one, use the wide spray of your minigun to keep him visible and finish him off. Assists count so as long as you hit the Spy you should get at least an assist (unless the Spy is on fire, has been Jarate'd, the player who killed him is being healed by a Medic, or a Buff Banner is in effect). Try bringing along Natascha to deny their escape.

Stalin the Kart.png Stalin the Kart

Block the enemy from moving the payload cart 25 times.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: This is harder than Pushkin the Kart, since the other team's players will be all over the cart, and the Heavy moves very slowly so it is hard for him to intercept the cart. Try to keep the element of surprise. In Gold Rush Stage 1, you can stay in the house to the right as the cart comes up the hill, and when it is within a reasonable distance, jump and get next to the cart and spin up your minigun as fast as possible. Even if you aren't successful in clearing the enemies in the cart's presence it should still count towards the achievement. You can also attempt to jump down from above the cart (such as near the second or third capture points in Badwater), which will allow you to spin up your Minigun as you fall.

Supreme Soviet.png Supreme Soviet

Get Übered 50 times.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: This should come after a reasonable time as playing Heavy. (Note: Boosts from the K.G.B. and getting First Blood count toward this achievement)

Vanguard Party.png Vanguard Party

Be the first on your team to start capturing a control point in a round.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Since it is mainly the work of the Heavy to clear a room, they are usually the closest one to the control point. However, the problem is being the first to step on the point in the round, which is hard to do when other classes are far faster than you. You do not need to successfully complete the capture, merely be the first to begin a capture in the round. Incidentally, this achievement also works during Sudden Death, so if a melee Sudden Death round begins and everybody spawns as a Heavy, you have a fairly good chance of getting this achievement.

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