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Ready to meet Sharpy?!
The Sniper on nicknamed weapons

The Name Tag allows a player to give an item of their choice a customized name of 40 characters or less. Doing so will destroy the Name Tag, consuming it after a single use. If a stock item is renamed it becomes a unique item and the player will "find" a new version of the stock item which will replace the renamed stock item. The player can then choose which item to equip through the character loadout menu. However, if any other item is renamed, it will overwrite the original name, and will not create a new version with the original name. Renaming an item does not affect its ability to be traded.

Renaming an item preserves the color of its name-text (e.g. a renamed Vintage item's name will remain blue in color), except in the aforementioned case of stock item renaming. Any prefixes (e.g. "The", "Vintage" or "Unique") will be overwritten. To preserve the same style as vanilla items, "Title Case" should be used (i.e. capitalise the initial letter of each word). Any renamed items (including those acquired by trades) can be renamed again with the Name Tag. As of the October 6, 2010 Patch, named items can be reverted to their original state, using the button within the backpack normally marked "Use with...". When you revert the name of the item later on you will not receive a Name Tag back. If you revert the name of a stock weapon, the weapon will remain in your inventory.

Name Tags can drop randomly, found when unboxing a Series #1 or #5 Mann Co. Supply Crate, or purchased from the Mann Co. Store. Purchased Name Tags were made tradable in the October 20, 2010 Patch.


  • Any renamed Shotgun or Pistol will not appear correctly if the Gunslinger is equipped. Instead, the Engineer will be holding the weapon with his normal, gloved hand.
  • Renamed items do not properly appear on disguised Spies. For instance, if a Spy disguises as a Medic wielding a renamed Medi Gun, the customized name will not show up on the disguise when an enemy looks at them.

Name Example

Backpack Kukri.png
Level 1 Kukri

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