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Nailgun image
Basic Information
Used by: Scout
Slot: Primary
Ammo loaded: Unknown
Ammo carried: Unknown
A single nail

The Nailgun was to be the primary weapon for the Scout. The Scout can be seen wielding it in Trailer 2. However, it was scrapped before the final release and the Scout was equipped with the Scattergun as a replacement. A closer look shows that it holds a drum magazine filled with a nail belt (which have their own individual textured models in the game files). It would likely have functioned in a similar fashion to the Medic's Syringe gun. It is also interesting to note that the Dispenser, regardless of level, has what appears to be a nail belt in it.


  • When the Scout repulls the Nailgun out in the second trailer, a drill-like sound is heard.
  • The nail ammunition has its own stand-alone textured model.
  • In the canceled Black Box trailer, the sound of the Nailgun is similar to the Syringe gun.
  • A bucket icon for the Nailgun can be found in the game's files.
  • Community-made skins exist to make the Pistol and Syringe Gun look and sound like the Nailgun.

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