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Hailing from an indeterminate region of France, the Spy is an aficionado of sharp suits and even sharper knives who relies on stealth and trickery to aid the team. Using his unique array of Cloaking watches, he can render himself invisible and even fake his own death, leaving unaware opponents off-guard. His disguise kit lets him take on the form of any class, allowing him to blend in and sneak behind enemy lines before stabbing his unsuspecting 'teammates', quite literally, in the back. In fact, a swift backstab from behind with the Spy's trusty Knife will take out any foe in a single hit.

In addition to being able to assassinate key enemies quickly and efficiently, the Spy is great against the Engineer. Using his Electro Sappers, he can disable his buildings, slowly draining their health until they are destroyed.

  • ...the Demoman was the only class to receive an update without a primary unlock?
  • ...the Pyro on the Official Team Fortress 2 homepage has his gas mask on in reverse?
  • ...the Sniper is the only other class able to deal fire-based damage other than the Pyro?
  • ...that although the Frontier Justice has an achievement named after it, the two are not related in any way?
  • ...that the Heavy and the Medic are the only two classes not wearing any default headgear?
  • ...that if you increase the view model field of view enough, you will see that the Spy does not bring his hand to the Ambassador to reload it?
  • ...that if you use a taunt kill while someone is covered in Jarate, it will show a critical taunt kill icon?
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