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Hmmm, have a gander at this little beauty.
The Sniper on the quality of his gear.

All items have an associated quality or rarity. The quality of an item determines the color of its displayed name and influences its perceived trade value.

The names of item qualities, and the term "quality" itself, are derived from the game files.


Normal items

Backpack Scattergun.png
Level 1 Scattergun

The Normal quality is assigned to Stock weapons. These are the standard weapons that all players start with and are not stored in the backpack. Therefore they are the only available weapons if the game cannot connect to Steam. Unique variants of these items are created when using a Name Tag or Description Tag with a Stock weapon, which are seen by checking the "Show Stock Items" box in the backpack view. If you rename your item it will become tradable

Unique items

Backpack Degreaser.png
The Degreaser
Level 10 Flame Thrower
65% faster weapon switch
-25% burn damage

Unique is the quality assigned to items which can be found through random drops during gameplay, obtained through achievements, crafted, or purchased from the Mann Co. Store. As such, Unique is regarded as the "default" quality for items.

Vintage items

See also: Vintage quality distribution
Backpack Natascha.png
Vintage Natascha
Level 5 Minigun
On Hit: 100% chance to slow target
-25% damage done
30% slower spin up time

Vintage was introduced alongside the Mann-Conomy Update, in which certain items were assigned this quality to increase their appeal in trading; however, they bear no functional difference to their Unique counterparts. In some cases, items that have been re-granted to users by Steam support were assigned Vintage quality.

Genuine items

See also: Genuine quality distribution
Backpack Sun-On-A-Stick.png
Genuine Sun-on-a-Stick
Level 10 RIFT Mace
100% critical hit vs burning players
-25% damage done
Spiky end goes into other man.

The Genuine quality was originally introduced alongside the RIFT promotion. Genuine quality is used to distinguish items obtained as part of a cross-game promotion, opposed to items gained via other methods such as random drops or crafting. There is no functional difference between Genuine items and their Unique counterparts.

Strange items

See also: List of Strange Weapon Ranks
Backpack Minigun.png
Strange Minigun
Level 1 Minigun - Kills: 0

The Strange quality was introduced alongside the Uber update, available through unboxing a series 19 and onward crate. They have a kill count that shows the total amount of kills obtained with the weapon. The items will have their name changed dependant on how many kills the weapon has. For instance, after getting ten kills the gun will change from 'Strange' to 'Unremarkable'.

On another note: If you trade a strange item with kills on it, the kills will then be reset, becoming 0 kills and will get the "strange" name again. If you craft two strange weapons it will not produce another strange, it will just give you metal.

Unusual items

See also: Unusual quality distribution
Backpack Napper's Respite.png
Unusual Napper's Respite
Level 0 - 100
Effect: Circling Heart
After a long day of burning scouts.

Unusual hats

See also: Hats and Unusual effects

Unusual hats are hats with an attached particle effect.

The only methods of obtaining an Unusual hat are by unlocking a Mann Co. Supply Crate with a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, or via trading. Unusual versions of the hats contained in a Festive Winter Crate could also be obtained by unlocking the crate with a Festive Winter Crate Key during the Australian Christmas event.

Crafting together two Unusual hats will not produce an Unusual hat in return; it will simply produce a Unique hat.

Scream Fortress Update

Main article: Scream Fortress

Two new items with the Unusual quality were introduced with this update: the Haunted Metal Scrap and the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker. Besides bearing the Unusual quality, the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker has no discerning attributes from the Eyelander.

Community items

See also: List of Community weapon owners and List of Wiki Cap owners
Backpack Medi Gun.png
Community Medi Gun
Level 50 Medi Gun
Effect: Community Sparkle
Given to valuable Community Contributors

( Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting )

Items bearing the Community quality are specially granted by Valve to individuals who have made significant, valuable contributions to the Team Fortress 2 community. Community items have the Community Sparkle particle effect attached and an additional description string set to "Given to valuable Community Contributors". Community items derived from certain Stock weapons receive an additional boost to their Phong shading exponent, resulting in the weapon having a more glossy appearance.

Stock Community items that existed prior to the introduction of name and description tags are derived from their original Normal variants. This makes them unable to be described or named, however newer variants are derived from the Unique variants; and behave as expected.

Self-Made items

See also: List of Self-Made item owners
Backpack Dalokohs Bar.png
Self-Made Dalokohs Bar
Level 50 Lunch Box
Adds +50 max health for 30 seconds.
Effect: Community Sparkle
I made this!

( Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting )

The Self-Made quality is assigned to items specially granted by Valve to their creators. Like Community items, they have the "Community Sparkle" particle effect attached and an additional description string set to "I made this!". See the Contribution page for when the items were added in-game.

Valve items

Backpack Rocket Launcher.png
Valve Rocket Launcher
Level 100 Rocket Launcher
+1009900% damage done
+109900% clip size
+75% faster firing speed
On Hit: +250 health
On Kill: 10 seconds of 100% critical chance
+50% projectile speed
+100% faster move speed on wearer
Effect: Flying Bits

( Not Tradable or Usable in Crafting )

Valve items are given to Valve employees. In some cases they have the Flying Bits particle effect attached. Because of their nature as developer weapons, some Valve items possess stacked attributes as seen in the backpack example; however, these additional attributes are not part of the Valve quality itself. The Valve weapon shown in the backpack example is Robin Walker's Rocket Launcher. No you cannot find these weapons

Item name colors

Color Quality Name Example
#B2B2B2 Normal Scattergun
#FFD700 Unique The Degreaser
#476291 Vintage Vintage Natascha
#4D7455 Genuine Genuine Sun-On-A-Stick
#8650AC Unusual Unusual Napper's Respite
#70B04A Community Community Medi Gun
Self-made Self-Made Dalokohs Bar
#A50F79 Developer Valve Rocket Launcher
#CF6A32 Strange Strange Gloves of Running Urgently

Unused colors

Color Quality Name Example
#8D834B Rarity2 Rarity2
#CF6A32 Rarity3 Rarity3
#476291 Customized Customized

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