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When adding patch notes, please ensure that the information is accurate, and properly cited. Also, please make sure a link (for help see How to make links) is added to the patch on the patches page.

Adding a patch

  1. Patch pages must be named in
    the format "Month DD, YYYY Patch" or "Month DD, YYYY Patch (Xbox)". For example, "November 20, 2007 Patch" or "October 09, 2007 Patch (Xbox)".
  2. From the official patch notes page from paste all of the patch notes, and format them in the article in this way:
    *Change 1
    **Change 1a
    **Change 1b
    *Change 2
    ===Specific Class Changes===
    *Change 3
    ==Bug Fixes==
    *And so on.
    Be sure to look at an existing patch page for clarification on formatting.
  3. Add the patch template to the new page:
    Note: Please make sure that the link is accurate. It will always begin with and be followed by a number, as shown. Also, please remove any language/region settings from the link by removing any "&cc=XX" part of the URL (XX is a region code, typically "US").
  4. Add the succession box template to the bottom of the page as such, replacing the patch links. If the patch you are editing is the latest patch available, then set after to Unknown.
    {{Succession box
    |before=[[Month DD, YYYY Patch]]
    |after=[[Month DD, YYYY Patch]]
  5. Make sure if you are adding a new patch that you appropriately edit the immediately surrounding patches so that their succession boxes link properly, otherwise, all of the patches will say "Unknown" for their after link.

After typing all the information for the patch, check the details with the Show preview button. If every thing looks correct, click the Save page button.

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