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The Engineer Update is a patch for the Engineer, the last class to have a major content pack released. The update was announced on July 5, 2010, and was released on July 8, 2010.

Rather than announcing new content for the update regularly, new content was be released every time 25 Golden Wrenches were found[1]. With 100 Wrenches to be found in total, there were 4 announcements prior to the final release.



Golden Wrench

The Golden Wrench is a Wrench replacement for the Engineer. It has the same damage and capabilities as the regular Wrench, but turns all the enemies it kills to solid australium statues.

The Golden Wrench is allegedly made of Australium. It can only be obtained through Crafting, having a very small chance to appear as the result of any crafting attempt. Only 100 Golden Wrenches exist, and they have all been found. While the Golden Wrench has been in the game's items since July 1, 2010, Golden Wrenches only started dropping on July 4th, 2010.

A listing of everyone who has found a Golden Wrench may be found here.


The Engineer Update page officially begun on July 5, 2010, as announced on the TF2 Official Blog post "Engineer Update: Day One". After 25 Golden Wrenches were found, part One of the Engineer update was published.

Frontier Justice

The Frontier Justice is an unlockable Shotgun replacement for the Engineer. While it cannot Crit randomly and has a smaller magazine size, it gets Revenge Crits: For every Sentry Gun kill or assist, the Frontier Justice will get additional guaranteed Crits when the Sentry is destroyed.

This weapon could be seen before being announced, in the Mac update trailer.


The Wrangler is an unlockable Pistol replacement for the Engineer. It allows the Engineer to take control of his Sentry Gun's aim.

The Wrangler also gives the Sentry Gun a shield that absorbs 66% of incoming damage, and improves firing rate.


Upward is an official Payload map built on top of a mountain.

The map was previously teased in a screenshot sent by Robin Walker.

Engineer Achievements

As part of Day 2 of the Engineer update, the Engineer's achievement pack was released. [2]


Hightower is a new Payload Race map.

Southern Hospitality

The Southern Hospitality was created by a user named WatchMaker|, it will use the bleed mechanic in some way and has been confirmed to be called the "Southern Hospitality", a reference to the Engineer's Texan home.


Melee slot item, drops mini-sentries and adds 25 hp. Every third punch is a Crit.


Only costs 100 metal, builds 4x faster cannot be repaired or upgraded. Deals half the damage.

Thunder Mountain

Another Payload map. A really long track.

Unannounced information

Sentry moving

As seen here, the Engineer appears to be repackaging his level 2 Sentry Gun and moving it to a new spot. Also there are two achievements ("If You Build It, They Will Die" and "Texas Ranger") that will require unannounced weapon with hauling ability.


The community control point map, Coldfront has been confirmed to be included in the Engineer Update[3], the map was created by Eric "Icarus" Wong, who was helped by David "Selentic" Simon, Aeon "Void" Bollig and Tim "YM" Johnson.

Pre-announcement references

While officially announced on July 5, 2010, numerous references have been made by Valve prior to the release.

Repair Node (scrapped)

On March 2, 2010, Valve published a post on the TF2 Official Blog, Dammit dammit dammit dammit!, describing an idea for a new Engineer building, the Repair Node. The idea was rejected after playtesting.

The repair node reappeared in the video which accompanied the 119th update.

A blueprint of the Repair Node appears on the Engineer Update site, with the text "...R WORK" visibly written over it, and then a different view of the same blueprint, on the hidden Radigan page, saying "..LL NEVER W...". It seems likely the full text reads "WILL NEVER WORK".

119th Update

On May 5, 2010, as part of the 119th update, Valve released a 27-second teaser for the Engineer update. The teaser contains many things that may be hints about the Engineer's unlockable weapons.

Instant teleport (scrapped)

In an interview, Robin Walker discussed a cut and unnamed Engineer building, referred to by the community as the Instant teleport, that would immediately teleport the Engineer back to his teleporter exit.

Mac Update

On June 11, 2010, Valve released the Mac Update, accompanied by a video showing the Engineer holding the Frontier Justice in the video, which had not yet been announced at the time.

This picture teases what could be a new map, as the structures and location have not yet been seen in any of the current Maps

Screenshot from Robin Walker

On June 27, 2010, Valve sent an in-game screenshot to the Apocalypse Gaming Community as a thank-you present for hosting the Battle of Both Worlds event. The screenshot was accompanied by the following message by Robin Walker: "We didn't give you a photo of us signing. After some conversation here, we decided that a more fun way to prove that you did get the shirts from us is to give you something about the upcoming Engineer Update that could only have come from us. Please find this something attached."

Golden Wrench

On July 1, 2010, Valve released a patch adding a new melee weapon for the Engineer: the Golden Wrench.

Loose Canon

On July 2, 2010, the Loose Canon comic was published, sparking speculation that the start of the Engineer Update had begun.


  • On July 5, 2010, moments before the update's official announcement, Shawn posted an announcement to the official Team Fortress 2 Steam group entitled "link". The announcement only consisted of random text linking to the official Engineer Update page.
  • In the "Loose Canon" comic, during the scene starring the Announcer's ancestor, there are four blueprints on the background. Three of them show the different levels of standard sentries, while the one hidden mostly by the text balloons shows two barrels of a machine. The barrels bear a strong resemblance to those on level one sentries, but seem to be slightly bigger.
  • Also in the "Loose Canon" comic, Alice, the possible ancestor of Helen, the current Administrator, tells Radigan Conagher, the ancestor of the Engineer that she has managed to amass only 100 pounds of the rare gold-colored "transformative new element" known as Australium and offers it to Radigan on the condition that he build build "life extender machines" for both Redmond and Blutarch Mann. Presumably each of the 100 Golden Wrenches contains one pound of Radigan's original cache of Australium.
  • During the Engineer Update, the "Smelt Reclaimed metal" and "Smelt Refined metal" blueprints are disabled to prevent players from smelting and unsmelting metal rapidly in an attempt to find a Golden Wrench


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