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The ESL is one of the biggest eSport stages in Europe and organizes tournaments, ladders and leagues for many games. Team Fortress 2 is supported by the ESL in various languages including Spanish and German. League play is covered in two formats, the standard 6on6 Season and also cups like the "Whiskas 1on1 Scout Cup".


ESL Premium

Benefits of subscribing to a premium ESL account include:

  • No advertisement
  • Active support of league
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)
  • No waiting time at Gather
  • Awards
  • Start Gather with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
  • Support of the Anti-Cheat development

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

All league matches played on ESL require the use of the ESL Wire anti-cheat client. The Wire client is not only used to detect cheating but also can be used to upload match media, take screenshots, chat with friends, team mates and opponents and also has a virtual LAN capability.

6on6 Season


The EU section operates two Ladders. The 1on1 Scout Ladder and the 1on1 Soldier Ladder. The Scout-Ladder is the most active. The ladder uses an ELO ranking system.



The Top3 teams of each playoffs cups will win the following prizes:

  • 1st place will win 6x premium accounts in amount of 2 months.
  • The 2nd place will earn 1 month.
  • The 3rd place will earn 1 month.

Cash and hardware prizes are also available to winning Premier and Division 1 teams.

Valve will be offering in-game medals to all participants. Just signing in is of course not enough, you will need to play your matches and finish the season. Simply being on a team isn't enough, you will have to participate in at least one match to be eligible for a medal at the end of the season.

The Top3 of the Premiership Division, Division 1, and playoffs of the other Divisions will get custom medals with the name of their division and their place!


VERSUS. (VS.) is the huge addition to ESL. The new matchmaking system will fill the gap between public gaming and the leagues and ladders of ESL. Play team games, even if you do not have a complete team and get ranked in the global ranking. Thanks to VS., less rules and less clicks are needed to find matches and enjoy playing on the ESL. It has never been so easy! It is a great mix-tool, but it is only used by germans.

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