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This is a list of the default controls for the PC and Mac version of Team Fortress 2. All keys are user definable from the Options menu under Keyboard.

The Keyboard Options Window



"W": Move forward

"S": Move backwards

"A": Strafe left

"D": Strafe right

"Space": Jump

"Ctrl": Crouch

"": Swim up

" / ": Swim down

"PGUP": Look up

"PGDN": Look down


"V": Hold to use Voice chat

"Y": Chat Message

"U": Team Message

"E": Call for medic

"Z": Voice menu 1:

  1. Medic
  2. Thanks
  3. Go
  4. Move Up
  5. [flanking|Flank]] Left
  6. Flank Right
  7. Yes
  8. No

"X": Voice menu 2:

  1. Incoming
  2. Cloaked Spy
  3. Sentry Ahead
  4. Teleporter Here
  5. Dispenser Here
  6. Sentry Here
  7. Activate ÜberCharge
  8. (Medic Only) ÜberCharge Ready

"C": Voice menu 3:

  1. Help
  2. Battlecry
  3. Cheers
  4. Jeers
  5. Positive
  6. Negative
  7. Nice Shot
  8. Good Job

Team Fortress

",": Class change menu

".": Team change menu

"m": Open Character Loadout

"n": Open Backpack

"N/A": Loadout Quickswitch

"L": Drop the briefcase

"G": Taunt

"h": Use Item in Action Slot

"I": Show Map Information

"f": Inspect Target

Class Specific


"MOUSE2": Detonate Stickybombs


"MOUSE2": Spin Minigun Barrel


"MOUSE2": Deploy UberCharge


"MOUSE2": Zoom Sniper Rifle


"MOUSE2": Cloak/Uncloak

"B": Activate previously used disguise

"-": Change disguise team (While holding the disguise kit)


"MOUSE1": Primary attack (May differ depending on class and weapon)

"R": Reload weapon

"Mouse Wheel Up": Previous weapon

"Mouse Wheel Down": Next weapon

"Q": Switch to last used weapon

"1": Primary weapon

"2": Secondary weapon

"3": Melee weapon

"4": Engineer's build menu / Spy's diguise kit (Special weapons)

"5": Engineer's destroy menu

Function Keys

"F1" :

"F2" :

"F3" :

"F4" :

"F5" : Take screenshot

"F6" :

"F7" :

"F8" :

"F9" :

"F10": Exit to desktop


"T": Spray an uploaded logo

"Tab": Display current players leader board / status / class / points / ping

"N/A": Quit game

"~": Developer console

"j": View/Accept the topmost alert

"k": Remove/Decline the topmost alert

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