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Force-A-Nature image
Kill Icon
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Basic Information
Used by: Scout
Slot: Primary
Ammo loaded: 2
Ammo carried: 32
Loadout Stats
Level 10 Scattergun
Knockback on the target and shooter
+50% faster firing speed
+20% bullets per shot
-10% damage done
-60% magazine size
Any outdoorsman will tell you the most frustrating part of hunting is when a deer simply FALLS DOWN when shot, and doesn't FLY BACKWARDS into the forest.
— Force-A-Nature publicity blurb
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The Force-A-Nature, also known as the FaN, is the unlockable primary weapon for the Scout class, replacing the Scattergun and is unlocked after obtaining 11 of the Scout achievements. It appears to be a double-barreled hunting Shotgun with sawed off barrels to increase spread. It sacrifices the reload speed and ammo capacity of the Scattergun for maximum blasting power. The Force-A-Nature is also a very situational weapon, it is near useless in tight corridors (such as maps like the indoor part of 2fort or Dustbowl) but is extremely powerful in big open maps with instant death pits (such as Hightower, Nucleus, or point E on Steel.)

Any opponent hit by a shot from the Force-A-Nature in close range will fly backwards a considerable distance. The sheer power of the recoil also causes the Scout to fly backwards for an noneffective 'third-jump' on top of his regular double jump ability.You will not go much higher but farther.

The Force-a-Nature, at first, appears to deal less damage than the Scattergun, but in fact it deals more damage (0.9x damage per pellet times 1.2x amount of pellets is 1.08 times normal damage) spread over more pellets, to maximize the weapon's Knockback feature. When firing upwards, the Force-a-Nature will negate the jump and cause you to fall back down.

The Force-a-Nature's firing rate is also considerably faster than the Scattergun, unloading both shells in approximately half a second. Like the standard Shotgun and the Scattergun, the Force-A-Nature's first shell will fire at least one pellet straight down the crosshair before 'bullet-spread' takes effect.


  • Base: 5.4 per pellet
  • Max Ramp Up: 175% (9.45 damage per pellet)
  • Max Fall Off: 50% (2.7 damage per pellet)
  • Pellet Count: 12
  • Point Blank: ~92-113
  • Medium Range: ~11-43
  • Long Range: ~3-11
  • Mini-Crit: 7.29 per pellet
  • Critical Hit: 16.2 per pellet

Medium range is defined as the main resupply door to the opposite wall on the upper level of 2fort. Long range is defined as battlement to battlement on 2fort. Base damage is the damage done at 512 units before damage variance or bullet spread. Ramp up maxes out at 0 units. Fall off maxes out at 1024 units. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

It's name is supposed to resemble how the scout would pronouce it. With the correct English being " Force of Nature. "

Function times

  • Attack Interval: 0.4267
  • Reload: 1.64

All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.


  • A scout can use the FaN to receive an extra boost upwards, as well with his double jump, can sometimes get higher than a Soldier Rocket jumping.
  • A skilled scout can use the blast for an exceptionally high boost by doing something called the "Force Jump". A force jump can be done by running, aiming about 20º downwards, jumping then firing with a crouch, giving him a higher boost than just a double jump, which he still has to get even higher.
  • You can also give an enemy a boost by having them stand on your head and firing at them, making them fly higher than a Scout could by himself
  • If a scout were to fire twice downwards in midair, the second blast will not/barely affect his height, meaning that quadruple jumps are impossible.Although, if you point it behind you and you shoot the Force of Nature the other way you want it to, you will go farther.
  • The Uber Update has now made the use of Quadruple jumps possible, if the FaN is equipped with the Atomizer. The downfall of this is that you would take damage every time you would perform the move.


  • Although the Force-A-Nature appears in the Scout Update as if it was made in Portugal, it is followed by a man dressed in a bullfighting costume who says the following words: "Buena Garantia", which is actually not portuguese but spanish for "Good Gurantee". (Note, bullfighting is actually more of a spanish thing rather than portuguese thing aswell, and this might just be a small joke from Valve.)

Sometimes if you double jump and then fire twice, the Scout will yell one of four response rules.

  • To receive the highest upward boost, run forward, point 20-degrees downward and perform a jump followed closely by shooting the FaN and a crouch. Using this technique and a final double-jump will allow a Scout to jump high enough to get into the battlements in 2Fort.
  • Reloading after firing only one round will throw away the other round as well.
  • The Force-A-Nature changes to a very strange position while taunting and/or previewing it in the Mann. Co Store. It reverts to its original form once the Taunt is done. Visual proof of this can be found by previewing it or taunting with the item.
  • Unused Scattergun sounds, labeled "double shot", have the sound effects of the Force-A-Nature. It is possible that when the Scattergun was first added, there was going to be a way to use 2 barrels, as with this weapon.
  • Even though there is a shoulder stock on the FaN, in the outside view the Scout does not use it, seeming to hold the stock in his elbow.
  • A server console command can be used to disable random bullet spread for the Force-A-Nature, along with other pellet weapons like the Shotgun. When activated, any shots with these weapons will fire their 9 pellets in a perfect 3x3 square.
  • Looking down the barrels of the FaN reveals the end of two shotgun shells, showing the detail put into the making of this weapon.
  • The Force-A-Nature is known to some players as The FaG, as they think its pushback and other things are unfair, and that it takes no skill to use this gun.
  • When fired at an immaculate object of scenery (eg. A resupply cabinet) There are green lines surrounding the bullet hole.

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