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The Pyro on rump roasting
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The Backburner is an unlockable primary weapon for the Pyro class and replaces the Flamethrower. It is unlocked after 15 of the Pyro achievements are completed (excluding 'Milestone 1'). It is currently placed as a Level 10 Flamethrower in the loadout menu. This version of the flamethrower is built for the Pyro who likes to ambush their opponents. It increases the ammo cost of the compression blast capability by 150% while also guaranteeing critical hits whenever it’s used on an opponent from behind, and dealing 10% more damage than the normal flamethrower. The Backburner registers up to approximately a 45 degree angle to the back of someone's left or right - in effect, roughly a 90 degree angle centered behind where they are facing. This is significantly less than the Spy's backstab range, which appears to be any angle in the 180 degrees behind where a player is looking.


See Flamethrower

  • Base damage is based upon range (or, by extension, particle lifetime), and is rounded at the end of all calculations (after Critical multipliers, et cetera).
    • From 0 to 200 units: 7.13 per particle (160.4 per second).
    • From 200 to 384 units: linear decrease from 7.13 to 4.28 per particle (96.3 per second, 60% of max) (384 is maximum range)
      • There is very slight variability (±0.08 per particle) because some particles are at an angle, slightly varying their travel time.
  • Afterburn damage: 3 damage every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds (60 damage total)
    • Mini-crit afterburn damage: 4 damage every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds (80 damage total)
  • Mini-Crit: 1.35× base damage, then round to nearest whole
  • Critical Hit: 3× base damage, then round to nearest whole
    • DPS at <200 units: 472.5

Note: Damage-Per-Second values assume all particles find victims.

Base damage changes over particle lifetime, instead of distance from player (all other weapons affected by distance measure from player to player). Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

The Backburner is also known to have a bug, where if you are on BLU and change to RED after a round, it will stay as a BLU texture (but not if you taunt).

Function times

  • Attack Interval: 0.04
  • Ammo Consumption Interval: 0.08

All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.


Video Demonstration of Backburner


  • The Backburner changes its eye color depending on which team you are on. RED makes the eyes turn white while being on BLU team makes the eyes a yellow-ish color.
  • The Backburner is just the original Flamethrower with a dragon-painted piece of metal mashed on the original muzzle. For this reason the Backburner used to share the same kill-icon as the original Flamethrower, but this has been fixed.
  • Originally the Backburner gave the Pyro an extra 50 health, giving him 225. This was removed in a later update.
  • The weapon used to only give crits from behind, in a later update, they added a buff that gave it more damage.
  • After the hatless update the Backburner was given a compression blast and less ammo.

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